Bamboo Juices


Custom Delivery Scheduling

Bamboo Juices is changing the game in a crowded market by offering subscription on freshly cold-pressed juices. Scoutside helped create their Shopify site as well as built a complex shipping app designed to help process orders in a timely manner on the backend for same day deliveries and subscription juice.

Dash by Scoutside

UI/UX for a deeply integrated and complex subscription shipping system using the Dash by Scoutside app.


Added subscription functionality by integrating ReCharge with Shopify.


Built on Shopify, we designed their ecommerce site for an easy-to-use experience aimed at their targeted audience.

Dash by Scoutside

We built the back-end dashboard that connects with a complex cart page that allows the customer to choose their preferred method of shipping rates, connected through ReCharge.

Cold Pressed Subscriptions

Connected through ReCharge and Dash by Scoutside, customers can receive totally fresh juices on their time - by local same day delivery, shipped to their doorstep or even in-store pickup.

Carefully crafted health tonics

Bamboo is a cold pressed juice company that utilizes organic ingredients and the highest quality products on the market to maximize the nutritional value of each juice. Ingredients and combinations used for each drink are carefully crafted so that each juice, almond milk and elixir shot is more than a drink, but a health tonic.